CMVI's carpentry department boats twenty years of experience and its organisation allows for the production of highly complex and extremely technological products aimed at multiple, varied industrial sectors.

All activity is carried out by specialist, qualified personnel.

- Iron, thickness of up to 20 mm
Stainless steel, thickness of up to 12 mm

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The department boasts over 30 workstations dedicated to TIG-MIG welding and robotised welding posts.

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Owing to the use of increasingly sophisticated machines, following the metal cutting stage, it is possible to contain and reduce errors caused by material deformation to minimal levels during bending operations. Our digital bending machines guarantee high precision levels as they monitor bending coefficients in order to reduce elastic relaxation to a minimum

We are able to bend thicknesses of up to 15** mm with lengths shorter than 3 m.**

Presso Piegatura Presso Piegatura Presso Piegatura Presso PiegaturaPresso Piegatura

Product Specifications worked

Machine power output 120 T
Maximum bending lenght mm. 3000
Thickness with max lenght mm.6**

Laser technology is currently one of the most widely used technologies within the industrial sector, particularly within the field of sheet metal operations.

When compared to traditional techniques (cutting, punching, etc.), the use of a laser guarantees maximum reliability and allows for the production of components and products customised according to customer requirements, both on a large-scale basis and in terms of smaller quantities.

This is all achieved within reduced time-frames and according to pared down costs, whilst increased precision and ductility of the cut and shape are achieved.

laglio laser laglio laser laglio laser laglio laserlaglio laser

Processing Thickness

Cutting Capacity fino a mm.
FE 0÷15
AISI 0÷8
AL 0÷6

Product Specifications worked

Dimensions mm.
Maximum cut length mm. 3000
Maximum cut width mm. 1500

Size and shape tolerances ±0,2
Positioning tolerances ±0,02
Size and shape tolerances ±0,5
Positioning tolerances ±0,05

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